Our Story

Lush Farms is a commercial producer of worm castings or vermicast. We also raise and sell composting worms for people who to desire to raise worms for home composting or fishing. After many requests we have sourced a variety of worm species and home composting supplies so you can raise your own worms successfully.  Our product line will continue to grow because we are committed help our customers practice safe and health ways to garden, grow food and heal their soil naturally.

Our farm was originally an apple orchard that used typical herbicides and pesticides on a yearly basis.  We purchased the property and are committed growing using worm castings and worm tea to care for the trees and fruit organically. 

Our concern for the environment and the quality of food we are feeding our children has fueled this labor of love. At Lush Farms, we know better soil means better fruits and vegetables.

If you have any ideas on products you would like to see on our site or we can help you in any way, please contact us. Thank you!