Why Worm Castings?


Worm castings are odorless, which will make your neighbors as happy as your plants!

Plants Grow Faster

Seeds germinate faster in worm castings than in regular soil. In addition to speeding up the germination process, plants also sprout up faster with worm castings.

Soil Aeration

Due to the physical structure of the castings, they're extremely difficult to pack down like regular dirt. This means oxygen is able to make its way through the soil to the roots of your plants, which improves growth.

Water Retention

When mixed with castings, soils have a better chance of holding onto essential water. This makes it possible to use 50-75% less water in some situations.


Worm castings are chemical-free, contain no artificial pesticides, and can be used to grow organic produce.

No Heavy Metals

One of the big problems that many gardeners and farmers are dealing with is high concentrations of heavy metals in the soil and in fertilizers. Worms actually have the ability to absorb heavy metals like copper, lead, and cadmium from soil. This means that by the time they produce castings, they're heavy metal free. This reduces the likelihood that metals will make it into food sources grown in worm castings.

Will Not Burn Plants

One common problem with a lot of fertilizers is that they are too high in nitrogen. This makes it easy to burn the roots of your plants if you put too much on. Castings will never burn your plants.

Increased Yield

Studies have showed that crops grown in worm castings produce 25% more yield on average. That's a lot of extra crops!