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Worm Bin Accessory Bundle

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All shipping and fees are included to anywhere in the US! If you're also buying the Urban Worm Bag, these items are included when you buy this variation of the Urban Worm Bag.

One simple price gets you a handy bundle you can use for any worm bin, not just the Urban Worm Bag:

  • 2 bricks of Urban Worm Coco Coir – a $24 value
    • Coco coir is a more sustainable peat moss alternative used for worm bedding
  • 2 Urban Worm Blankets – a $19 value
    • lay on top of your vermicompost to regulate moisture and keep conditions dark
  • Urban Worm Thermometer - a $13 value
    • monitor temps to keep your bin in the "green" zone.